M32R Linux kernel archive

Linux Kernel (previous version)

This page collects old version m32r kernels.
The latest version can be download from kernel.org or download page.

The following are Linux kenrels modified for the M32R.
- Supports both UP(Uni-Processor) and SMP(Symmetrical Multi-Processor) environment.
- Supports both with MMU and without MMU environment.
  The 2.6.4 kernel or later also support MMU-less targets such as M32102.
- In the 2.6.9 kernel, the M32R achitecure has been merged into the stock kernel!
  Now, you can download the 2.6.9 kernel or later from kernel.org and its mirror site.

Patch files:
- linux-2.x.y_m32r_zzzzzzzz.arch-m32r.patch :
    Patch information for archtecture-dependent portions (arch/m32r, include/asm-m32r).
- linux-2.x.y_m32r_zzzzzzzz.patch :
    Patch information for archtecture-independent portions for the m32r.

2.4 kernel

2.6 kernel

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