GNU Cross Tools for M32R

For Linux/M32R

We modified GNU tools for Linux/M32R. Both binary and source packages are available.
Current release series are provided by Debian packages.

Current release is m32r-linux.20040712r3-3.4 (2004.07). (Changelog)

The followings are the developing GNU packages of m32r-linux.
Current release series are provided by Debian packages.

sdiserver, usbsdiserver

For Embedded M32R

The following is binary package of m32r-elf.

libc-ports for m32r to update into FSF

If you use this patch, you need to get the glibc and ports sources from glibc . Please patch it to ports or download the ports sources include m32r from the following. Next, put ports directory into the top-level glibc source directory libc.
When you configure glibc,you need spcify '--enable-add-ons=ports,linuxthreads'.

glibc-2.3.6 linuxthreds
When you use glibc and ports sources on 20060509 for m32r, please apply this patch ( glibc-2.3.6-m32r-20060607.patch , glibc-2.3.6-math-test-20060517.patch )to libc.
glibc-ports-m32r-2.3.6-20060607.patch add-on ports sources for m32r (2006/06/07) New
libc-2.3.6-with-ports-m32r-20060607.tar.bz2 libc sources include m32r ports

Linux Kernel

The following are Linux kenrels modified for the M32R.
- Supports both UP(Uni-Processor) and SMP(Symmetrical Multi-Processor) environment.
- Supports both with MMU and without MMU environment.
  The 2.6.4 kernel or later also support MMU-less targets such as M32102.

In the 2.6.9 kernel, the M32R achitecure has been merged into the stock kernel!
Now, you can download the 2.6.9 kernel or later from and its mirror site.
  ( Any feedback will be deeply appreciated. Thank you. )

User land

The following is a minimum root files based on the Debian GNU/Linux.
- support both Linux-2.4 and Linux-2.6
- root's password is "root"
- use slogin for remote login
- dpkg command and apt-get command are available.

Old root filesystems archive is here.

Debian Packages

m32r .deb packages are placed here.
(Note: these are not official packages of the Debian project).
- Add the following apt-line to the /etc/apt/sources.list of the target file system.
(stable --> etch, testing --> lenny, unstable --> 06_devonian)

* stable version

 deb stable main
 deb-src stable main
* testing version
 deb testing main
 deb-src testing main
* unstable version
 deb unstable main
 deb-src unstable main
Current building status:

Other Tools

OProfile (
System-wide profiler
  A tool to profile both of the kernel and application programs.

- This profiler consists of an "application daemon" and a "loadable module".
The daemon dumps the profiling data sampled by the kernel onto filesystems,
then the dumped data are displayed visibly by a user program later.
- Supports multiprocessor environment; profiling for each CPU
- No patch is required. Oprofile function has already been merged into the 2.6 mainline kernel. It can be enabled by setting "CONFIG_PROFILING=y, CONFIG_OPROFILE=m (or y)".
- Online documents has been published. Please refer it for more information.

Oprofile is available on the m32r for 2.6.6 kernel or later.

A script to generate a GDB initialization file (.gdbinit).
The latest version is here. Melt the tar+bzip2 archive in a working directory.
.gdbinit will be generated by executing a script "" in it.


Last modified: 2008/04/02