2006/02/07 Link page was updated.
2006/02/07 root filesystem (rootfs2.6_05_{base|devel}) was released.
2006/01/05 GNU tool for Cygwin was released.
2005/12/20 Update Added M32104UT information to noMMU Linux/M32R Information Page.
2005/11/23 Update noMMU Linux/M32R Information Page.
2005/11/01 Update Download Page.
2005/10/25 Add Kernel Cross Reference menu.
2005/09/26 GNU tool m32r-linux-gnu.20050905-3.4.4 was released.
2005/08/25 Update Download Page.
2005/07/13 noMMU Linux/M32R Information is placed.
2005/05/16 Mappi-III is added to M32R Platforms
2005/02/03 gcc-3.4.3 source is placed.
2004/12/13 GNU tool binary is updated (m32r-linux.20040712r3-3.4).
2004/11/12 m32r add-on ports of glibc is replaced (ports sources include m32r).
2004/11/08 Root filesystem (minimum set for Debian/GNU Linux) is updated for 2.6.9 kernel or later. Root filesystem images for M3T-M32700UT and M3A-ZA36(Mappi2) eva boards are provided.
2004/11/01 Root filesytem (minimum set for Debian/GNU Linux) is updated.
2004/10/29 m32r-linux-gnu tools source (gcc-3.4.3) is placed
2004/10/26 m32r add-on ports of glibc is replaced (ports sources include m32r).
2004/10/26 m32r add-on ports of glibc is replaced (removed a patch for am33).
2004/10/25 m32r add-on ports of glibc is placed.
2004/10/19 glibc add-ons port m32r, m32r-linuxthreads source is placed.
2004/10/18 2.6.9 was released from
2004/09/29 v2.4.27 kernel source is placed.
2004/09/22 2.6.9-rc2-mm2 was released from
2004/09/16 2.6.9-rc2-mm1 was released from
2004/09/13 2.6.9-rc1-mm5 was released from
2004/09/07 2.6.9-rc1-mm4 was released from
2004/09/03 Wow! The m32r architecture is added in 2.6.9-rc1-mm3.
2004/08/31 Patch information of v2.6.7 and v2.6.8.1 kernel is placed.
2004/08/31 GNU tool m32r-linux.20040712-3.4 has been released.
2004/08/26 M32R ELF ABI Spec. Ver.1.2 is released.
2004/08/19 M32R ELF ABI Spec. Ver.1.1 is released.
2004/07/13 M32R ELF ABI Spec. Ver.1.0 is added.
2004/07/13 M32R software and hardware manuals are added.
2004/07/06 OPSPUT is added to M32R platforms.
2004/06/16 gcc-3.4.0, binutils-2.15 source is placed.
2004/05/28 Patch information of v2.6.6 kernel source is placed.
2004/05/21 A m32r-linux-gnu crosstool binary (gcc-3.4.1, binutils-2.15.90, glibc-2.3.2) is placed.
2004/05/20 Patch information of gcc-3.4, binutils-2.15, glibc-2.3.2 source is placed.
2004/05/01 Patch information of v2.4.26 kernel source is placed.
2004/04/15 Link page is now available.
2004/04/09 GNU tool version m32r-linux.20040409-3.2 has been released.
2004/04/08 Patch information of v2.6.4 kernel source is placed. In this release, MMU-less targets are newly supported.
2004/03/29 OAKS32R is added in Platform
2004/03/26 Patch information of v2.6.4 kernel source is placed.
2004/03/25 Run Linux page is now available.
2004/03/25 Add "Installing user land" to Installation.
2004/03/16 Patch information of v2.6.0 kernel source is added.
2004/03/16 A paper of AsiaOSS2004 is added in What is Linux/M32R.
2004/03/02 Unofficial m32r .deb packages are now available.
2004/03/02 Patch information of v2.4.19 kernel source is added.
2004/02/16 Mailing lists page is now available.
2004/02/13 M32R ABI spec. is added in What is Linux/M32R.
2004/02/13 GNU tool version m32r-linux.20040210-3.2 has been released.
2004/02/06 Add "Installing Linux kernel" to Installation.
2004/02/06 Root filesystem (minimum set) has been released.
2004/02/04 A paper of ISSCC2003 is added in What is Linux/M32R.
2004/02/04 Linux kernel 2.4.19-m32r-20040203 has been released.
2004/01/27 English pages are now available.
2004/01/27 Install page is now available.
2004/01/26 GNU tool version m32r-linux.20040126-3.2 has been released.
2003/12/16 A movie of booting Linux/M32R kernel is added in What is Linux/M32R.
2003/12/10 What is Linux/M32R page is now available.
2003/12/04 Platform page is now available.
2003/12/02 Download page is now available.


Last modified: 2006/02/07